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Ambient display not (always) appearing
Last Updated 5 years ago

You've designer a sick ambient display to impress your friends. But when you get a notification... Nothing happens. WHY?!

Here are a few possible solutions:
1. Check if the module is enabled, try re-enabling it in case you are not sure
2. Exclude Cometin from the battery optimizations in Android. Some OEMS take this a bit too serious.
3. Check if the app is added to the exclusive list in the module's settings. if so, remove it.

Did this not solve the issue?
Dangit! Your phone is either being a bitch or you have found a bug. But don't be scared! I am sure we can squeeze that little thing.

Please create a ticket with some information about the issue. Please make sure you log the issue if possible. That will greatly increase the chance of fixing this bug asap.

I will make sure you are being kept up-to-date of the progress of this issue.

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